Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition

Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition

A time-management game taking place on an exotic island
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Ranch Rush 2 Collector's Edition is a time-management game on an exotic island. This Collector’s Edition is an early release of the game, prior to its official launch.
In this game you will control Sara, aiding her to design and decorate her ranch, sowing seeds, harvesting fruits and flowers and acquiring exotic animals. Sara wants to make money out of her ranch, and to do so she must acquire soil and seeds, plant the seeds, let the plants grow, put the fruits and flowers in crates and sell them to her customers following their specific requests. That will earn her money, which she can invest in acquiring more soil and seeds, or tools to make her tasks easier. She will have a time limit to perform each task, so you must hurry up and move her fast enough to do things on time.

The provided download link will lead you to the Big Fish Games Manager, which in turn will download and install the files needed to play the game. This trial version of the game will let you play for free during sixty minutes.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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